Specification #451

Updated by Benoit Duffez over 8 years ago

h1. Concept

h2. Remaining questions

* -Make a lot of features only for the paid version => branch apps?-
* Subscription or single-time payment?
* 5€? 10€?
* separate users and companies?
* free for OSS contributors?
* publishing:
** publish a version with donate only, then another version with free/paid, and allow donators to get the full version for free
** publish the IAB as a beta/alpha version with testers, who will get the full version for free afterwards

h1. Features sets

Sorted from top priority to least priority.

h2. Free features

|_.Issues|_.Description|_.Time needed (hours remaining)|
|#360|app drawers|10|
* #272 - limit sync on big servers|0,8| servers
|#422|search * #360 - app drawers
* #394 - update API key
* #399 - subtasks / issues relations
* #422 - search
from main activity|1| activity
|#423|show * #423 - show wiki from project|0,5|
|#394|update API key|0,5|
|#399|subtasks / issues relations|5|

h2. Not sure yet

* #241 - Textile macros

h2. Paid features

Features locked with the full version (must haves / very nice features are detailed in this list):
|_.Issues|_.Description|_.Time needed (hours remaining)|
|#246 #324|Share intent / Issue attachments|2+2|
|#439|Text editor|8|
|#444|Issue filters|5|
|#435|Project 'activity' redmine (web version) tab|10|
|#249|App widgets|4|
|#221|Time tracking|5|
|#417|Hide closed issues|1|

h1. Development

* 0.11 is kept as is
* 0.12 is used as development of free features, including IAB if implemented for donations first
* 1.0 will be published with all features, including IAB

h2. Branching

name 0.11 0.12.0 .1 .2 .3 .4 1.0
master _____x_______________x_____x____x____x_______x__________________________x
develop \______________/_____/___/____/_______/ /
IAB \___ ? /
paid \_________________________________________________________/

* @master@: used for google play releases
* @develop@: used for free features pushed to 0.12 branch
* @IAB@: used to put IAB APIs available, maybe with donate (hence the "?")
* @paid@: used for paid features pushed to 1.0 branch

Other, possible branches:
* @master@: play store releases
* @IAB@: used for IAB APIs
* @free_012@: 0.12 branch, free features
* @paid_10@: 1.0 branch, paid features
* _@feature_name@_: used to develop a single feature, that will be merged to the free and/or the paid branches