h1. MyMine

MyMine is the app name for a Redmine client.
Authentication is based on REST API key, in order to avoid asking for a password.
The app should support any number of servers, projects, issues, pages. It must implement most if not all the features of Redmine on a web browser.

h1. High level description of the project

The goal is to make a very simple to use, intuitive, fast and beautiful app for any Redmine server.
Planned features:

  • projects list
  • issues list
  • issue display
  • wiki pages
  • roadmap overview

h1. Feature list

h2. Issues

  • list
  • search (text or issue #)
  • display issue: all issue fields + issue history
  • display/download attachments
  • related issues
  • custom fields

h2. Projects

  • display as roadmap of upcoming versions

h2. Wiki

  • display wiki pages
  • follow links, display images

h2. Settings

  • customize sync frequency
  • customize issues sync delay (the past XXX days)
  • unlimited amount of servers and projects and issues
  • notifications when sync finds new items